Monday, January 25, 2016

We've been trained! Our journey has begun!

Our journey has begun!!!  Last Sunday evening, we packed our bags and moved into a small, but more than suitable, guest room at World Gospel Mission Headquarters.  On Monday morning, Titus and I began an intense week-long training on communicating our ministry, developing presentations, creating fundraising strategies, the transformative nature of homeland ministry assignment, etc., etc., etc..  It was a great time to connect with other new missionaries who are beginning this same journey, as well as being encouraged and inspired by veteran missionaries and WGM staff.

I never fully grasped the incredible opportunity that we have to advance the cause of the Great Commission throughout North American churches during our time of traveling, speaking, and support-raising.  We have been very anxious about the months ahead.  Neither one of us are comfortable or excited about asking people for money.  But do you know what both of us are comfortable and excited about?  Sharing what God has done and challenging others to find their own ministry and purpose!  We are grateful for the opportunity that we have been given to raise our own support, to build our team, and to connect personally with our supporters!  We are excited to build our schedule and see what God has in store for us.

We left headquarters on Thursday feeling inspired, equipped... and well, very sick.

Titus began to feel very sick on Wednesday and I fell ill on Thursday.  I am thankful that the Lord helped me muster the strength to finish the training on Thursday and that He allowed us to have four quiet, restful days at home.  I can't remember ever in my life feeling as sick and miserable as I did the past few days.  Praise God we're past the worst!!  Now we just have to get all the germs out of our house!

Will you keep praying for us?
-Praise God for the Kingdom-focused hearts of WGM staff!
-Pray that we are good stewards of the training that we received last week.
-Praise God for helping us through the flu and miserable sickness.
-Pray that God will give us wisdom and we seek treatment for Sophear's heart (update soon)
-Praise God for Jewel's pregnancy!
-Pray for Baby #2's growth and development.

We’re looking for partners. Partners in the ministry of declaring His glory among the nations, partners in the ministry of proclaiming freedom for the captives, partners in planting the Seed of Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Partners to pray that the Message of Christ be accepted in the hearts of the unbelievers. Partners to give monthly. We appeal you to ask God how you can become involved in His ministry in Cambodia and around the world.

To see Christ glorified in Cambodia,
Titus, Jewel, Sophear & Baby

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