Thursday, April 14, 2016

Khmer New Year and DOUBLED GIFTS!!

In recognition of a very special Cambodian holiday, a donor has promised to match all new financial gifts that we receive from April 14-30.  Would you consider giving to support our ministry in Cambodia?  Click on the give button below or visit to make a monthly commitment or give a one-time gift.  Every dollar up to $2,500 will be matched!!!!

Khmer New Year or "Choul chnam thmey" in the Khmer language (literally "Enter New Year") is the name of the Cambodian holiday that celebrates the new year. The holiday lasts for three days and usually begins on April 13th or 14th, which is the end of the harvesting season, when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor before the rainy season begins.

Traditional Khmer dancers performing for the monks
Khmer New Year is a special family holiday and everyone typically travels to their home town to celebrate with family.  Schools and business are closed.  Khmer New Year is also a celebration of Buddha's birthday and many people, even those who are not devout Buddhists, visit the pagodas (Buddhist temples or "wats").  At the pagodas, people present food offerings to the monks, who in turn give a blessing (luck and fortune for the coming year) to the people.  People participate in sharing food with each other and playing cultural games.  In anticipation of the holiday, people always thoroughly clean their homes and wear their nicest clothes.  Children give money to their parents and grandparents.  Even though it is a Buddhist holiday, Christians still travel home to spend the extended holiday with family.

Traditional Cambodian games on Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year is a significant holiday for many Cambodians, not only because of it's strong traditional, cultural, and religious ties, but for the same reason that most Americans appreciate our New Year.  Khmer New Year is the start of a new year!  "Some people have believed that for a period of one year the people always face the problems like diseases or serious obstacles to make them unhappy," one blogger writes.  "Choul chnam thmey" in the Khmer language (literally "Enter New Year") comes with new an exciting opportunities for a better year, for a better life, and for a better self.

Would you consider supporting our ministry to bring Hope, Life, and Good News to the Cambodian people?  Every new dollar (up to $2,500) that we receive from April 14-30 will be matched by a generous supporter!

Pledging is a commitment that a supporter makes to give a certain amount of money to our ministry on a regular basis. Some of you are already giving -- thank you for being obedient to the call God has laid on your hearts to be a part of our ministry!!  If you are interested in becoming a financial partner, here are the easiest ways to join our team:
  1. Go to and fill out the form for a recurring donation. 
  2. Request a prayer card from us, fill out the detachable post card, and mail it back to World Gospel Mission.
You can start your donations today, or you can indicate when you would like to begin your contributions. Since our goal is to be back in Cambodia by March 2017, you could pledge today to begin your regular support at the beginning of the New Year.  Regardless of when you can begin your financial support, or how large or small your pledge is, the pledge is a blessing! We cannot return to Cambodia until 100% of our monthly support is pledged.

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To see Christ glorified in Cambodia,
Titus, Jewel, Sophear, & Little Man

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