Thursday, July 6, 2017

Two colliding journeys and one mission

The week of January 11, 2016, my family and I began two very important journeys. First, we attended a week-long orientation for beginning our support-raising journey as missionary disciples with World Gospel Mission. On Tuesday, January 12, BI-5527 Christian Character and TH-5525 Theological Foundations for Biblical Interpretation opened - my first two Masters in Applied Biblical Studies courses at Moody Bible College. (I was also plagued with morning sickness that week, but that’s not important for this conversation.)

Yesterday, I started one of my final courses: BI-6618 Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature. This means that I’m finally in Revelations, the last book of the Bible and my last content course for my masters degree! After finishing Apocalyptic Literature, I have one week to submit a portfolio and then an 8-week capstone course and I’m done on October 9!

It has been a very challenging journey to mange coursework on top of many other responsibilities including family, work, housework and cooking, and support-raising; but the Lord has been faithful and has given me a supernatural strength way beyond my own strength. With God’s help, I functioned many days on five hours of sleep. The two coinciding journeys has been one of emotional and spiritual growth, of gaining knowledge and becoming empowered.

On Sunday night, we’re moving back into a guest room at WGM for a week-long orientation on life as a WGM missionary! We’ll be talking about boundaries, relationships, family challenges, cultural adaptations, child safety, networking and resources, medical care, etc etc etc. We’ll be there with four other new missionary families, as well as several WGM leaders. Like us, the other four missionary families here are here because they have a team of awesome people behind them! Thank you for being our team of awesome people! Thank you for your faith in us! Thank you for empowering us to be obedient to God’s call to “Go and make disciples!

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To see Christ glorified in Cambodia,
Titus, Jewel, Sophear, & Chamnab

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