Sunday, February 21, 2016

Family of the Week

In our last blog post, I wrote that one of my love languages is words of affirmation.  Last week, we received a package in the mail that filled our love tank!  It was a notification from World Gospel Mission that we are Family of the Week!  All the staff members in one of the departments wrote us an encouraging note, promising that they would be praying for us during their one-hour Thursday morning prayer meeting.

We are so grateful that the Lord called us to World Gospel Mission!!  They have really been a blessing to us and continue to affirm us!  From working with the mobilization staff during the extensive application process; to our time in Cambodia with President Harriman and his wife and with the couple serving as Asia/Europe area directors; to our many meetings, e-mails, orientations, and our week living at Headquarters; our sense of belonging with WGM has only grown stronger.  Praise God!!

Kevin  & Becky Zirkle (Area Directors), President Harriman and his wife, Sarah, and us
My family has a long history with World Gospel Mission.  As a little girl, my sister and I attended a week-long children's camp for WGM kids every summer; and when my granddad passed away, my grandmom gave his car and many of his possessions to WGM.  When I was in high school and we were assigned to "job shadow" individuals working in our career fields of interest, my guidance counselor sent me to WGM for two days.  Now I have my own page on WGM's website ( and my daughter's name is painted on the wall in the WGM nursery room!  It feels somewhat surreal and I am amazed and blessed to look back and see how God has directed us!

A snowy view of Headquarters during our week-long orientation in January
We look forward to the day that a Cambodian flag flies on one of the empty poles at WGM Headquarters.  When that happens, it will not be because of us - it will fly in honor of God's faithfulness to lead us, His faithfulness to lead WGM, and your obedience to obey His call in giving to and praying for His Kingdom work in Cambodia.

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To see Christ glorified in Cambodia,
Titus, Jewel, & Sophear

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