Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting the Word Out

Our first support letter has been mailed.  It was an enormous amount of work for us, but a great experience.  Having to contact family, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, [and anyone who will listen] and ask for  money, for prayers, for invitations... doesn't really sound like a fun (or even semi-appealing) task, but we consider it a privilege.

We are grateful for the opportunity that we have been given to raise our own support, to build our team, and to connect personally with our supporters! We look forward to getting to know YOU better by not only sharing with you our story, but pausing to hear yours.  We look forward to learning how God can use us in your family's life, already recognizing that you are a huge blessing in ours!

And we have faith that God is going to use us to call more workers into the harvest field!  We see this as an opportunity to advance the cause of the Great Commission throughout North American homes and churches during our time of traveling, speaking, and support-raising.  We are excited about sharing what God has done and challenging others to find their own ministry and purpose!

Huge praises:
  • Praise God for the generosity of a supporter who used her own resources to print our many letters.  (Saving us almost $400!)
  • Praise God for extra hands to help us fold, stuff, address, and stamp the letters.
  • Praise God that our letters weighed under the limitations for a 49 cent stamp!
  • Praise God for the kindness of the staff in the Indiana Wesleyan University Post Office for giving their time to run our letters through their sealing machine.
Thanks, Mom!
How you can pray over our letters:
  • Pray that God will call other families, individuals, and congregations to support us.  
  • Pray that those families, individuals, and congregations will be obedient to God's call to support us.
  • Every envelope contained two letters and two prayer cards.  Pray that the recipients will be faithful to share the extras with someone who might take an interest in our story or ministry.
Thank you.

To see Christ glorified in Cambodia,
Titus, Jewel, & Sophear

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